Patricia Echeverria Liras is a multidisciplinary artist, and filmmaker, trained in architecture and documentary film.  She works across the fields of ethnographic research, documentary film, and immersive art.

runs “The Office for Public Therapy Politics” a new media creative studio and documentary production company located between Madrid, Los Angeles, and Ramallah, which focuses on documentary film, human rights, and immersive technologies.

She has directed and produced international projects including  a “Public Therapy Tour” across Palestine with AM Qattan Foundation and Matadero Madrid, “Outside In,” a playback performance with the Freedom Theatre from Jenin, “Parallel Utopias,” at the Korean DMZ with National Geographic, “In This Land” with SAT (Société des arts Technologiques) NYU ITP, and the Venice Biennale College Lab. Most recently she directed and produced “Remember This Place: 31°20’46’’N 34°46’46’’E“ which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.


01. REMEMBER THIS PLACE:  31°20'46''N 34°46'46''E
      Virtual Reality Documentary.
2020 - 2023.

        Immersive Installations.
2020 - 2023.

       Art on the Blockchain.

       Art on the Blockchain.

       Playback Performance.

       Urban Performance / Installation.

MAY. 2024.
Alternate Realities Exhibit at SITE Gallery.  Sheffield Doc Fest.

APRIL 2024.
Open City Documentary Film Festival. Losing Home - Expanded Realities. UK.

New Images Festival.
Out-of-Competition. Paris.

Gabes Cinema Fen.
Virtual Reality Section. Tunis.

One World /  Jeden Svet.
Immersive Films Competition.
Czech Republic.

REMEMBER THIS PLACE:  31°20'46''N 34°46'46''E
Interactive Virtual Reality Experience.
The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar.

VR Exhibit Installation. Remember this Place.
Jeden Svetz. Prague. 2024

VR Exhibit Installation. Remember this Place.
Open City Documentary Festival.  London, 2024.

"REMEMBER THIS PLACE 31°20’46”N 34°46’46”E," is an interactive virtual reality experience about home, co-created with Palestinian Bedouin activists from communities threatened to be erased.

The story does not take place in one location. It does not have one protagonist. It is a journey across many homes, with many women from Bedouin communities whose livelihood and culture continues to be threatened to this day. Throughout the journey, we meet women who are activists, architects, artists, and poets who are working to digitize their community’s memory and heritage.

The film brings together fragments of spaces, personal memories and visions of the future, in order to create a virtual universe that speaks about home, while preserving the subjective memories of a culture that is threatened to be erased.

VR Exhibit Installation. Remember this Place.
Gabes Cinema. Tunis. 2023.

VR Exhibit Installation. Remember this Place.
Media Majlis Museum. Doha. 2023 -2024.

VR Exhibit Installation. Remember this Place. 
Cooper Union. 2023. 

Still: The Present

Still: The Future

Stilll: The Memory

Body vs. Home.
Photography & Performance in the Desert.
Collaboration with Roba Fraowna for “Remember this Place”

Homes, Bodies, Memories.
3D Reconstructions, WIP: Remember this Place.
In Collaboration with Roba Fraowna, Lobna al Sana, Sabah al Turi.

22°44'28.0"N 58°38'23.1"E are the coordinates of Wadi an Na’am, the largest unrecognized Bedouin village in the Negev. Since the state of Israel never recognized this historic Bedouin village, the town does not have access to electricity, roads, or water.  Most of the residents here were internally displaced during the Nakba.

31°00’25.0”N 34°57’14.0”E are the coordinates of Rakhameh, a village scheduled to be ‘recognized’ by Israel in the near future. In the process of becoming ‘recognized,’ half of the village will be I demolished.

31°20′46″N 34°46′46″E are the coordinates for Al Araqib, an unrecognized Bedouin village inside of Israel. This village has been demolished more than 200 times since 2010.

Documentary Film.
Conecta Lab. Interseccion Festival.
Research & Development. 
with Liebe Blekh

Wolf Game is a research and creative documentary film project  which explores the phenomenon of colonial shepherding across physical and virtual territories.

“Everyone should move, should run, should grab more hills, expand the territory. Everything that’s grabbed will be in our hands. Everything we don’t grab will be in their hands.”

AS. 1998.

As artist and writer James Bridle put it: “Imperialism has moved up to infrastructure level. Internet fibre optic cables around the world trace out the routes of former empires. Cables from Africa route back to their former colonial powers. Lots of cabling from South America still goes back to Spain. Imperialism didn’t stop with decolonisation: it just moved up to infrastructure level.”

Project developed with Liebe Blekh

Urban Performance
AM Qattan Foundation. 
Ramallah, 2019. 

The Public Therapy Tour was conceived as a mobile project, in response to the military closures and limitation of movement between Palestinian cities within the Occupied Palestinian Territories, as an urban performance and intervention, designed to be introspective in nature.

In collaboration with various theatre organizations including Bait Byout, al Harah Theatre, YES Theatre, we produced a series of pop-up interventions and workshops across the OPT.

Playback Performance.
Jenin Freedom Theatre & Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center.
Jenin & Ramallah, 2019.

Outside In is a playback performance produced in collaboration with the Freedom Theatre in Jenin. The performance brings together stories collected from across different communities.

Immersive Installation.
Vellum Gallery. Los Angeles, 2022.

Art on the Blockchain.

‘Memories for a Metaverse’ was created as a cultural repository for the future: to address the glaring gap between the new frontier of the metaverse, and the  communities that inhabit our Earth.

The project seeks to digitize communities threatened to be demolished or displaced in the physical world, bringing their memory to the blockchain.

“The interplay between geography, memory, and invention, in the sense that invention must occur if there is recollection - is particularly relevant to a twentieth century instance, that of Palestine,

Only by understanding that special mix of geography, generally and landscape in particular with historical memory and, as I said, an arresting form of invention can we begin to grasp the persistence of conflict and the difficulty of resolving it, a difficulty that is far too complex and grand that the current peace process could possibly envisage, let alone resolve.”

- Edward Said

Art on the Blockchain. 
Epoch Gallery. The Metaverse, 2022.

Climate change has caused ice forms in Alaska to disappear at a disproportionately faster rate than other glacierized regions on Earth. These vast rivers of ice perform a crucial role in regulating the planet’s atmosphere and these arctic areas have been called “ground zero” for climate change, as warming temperatures and melting sea ice impact local communities and influence global precipitation and temperature levels. The Matanuska Glacier has lost over 84 million tons of ice since 2002.