In This Land
Immersive Exhibition (Direction & Production.)
Completed in 2022.

Photograph from Vellum Gallery Exhibit


While villages are disappearing in the real world, real estate speculation in the virtual world is on the rise. Real estate prices are soaring. What will happen then to the marginalized villages & communities which are simultaneously disconnected from access to the virtual, and the real?

‘In This Land’ is developed in collaboration with these local communities: it seeks to digitize spaces, cultures, and histories that are being erased in the real world.

Research and production work developed across various residencies at SAT, NYU ITP, and Snap Lens.


We used aerial and interior photography, videos and photogrammetry to reconstruct 3d spaces and landscapes in the virtual world. Fragments of 3d models were combined with volumetric captures, VFX, and audio recordings across various virtual environments and physical exhibit spaces to produce an immersive experience for the viewer.

Residencies & Exhibits

New York University Interaction Telecommunications Program.
SAT (Societe des Arts Technologiques)
Vellum Gallery
Snap Lens
The Locations

Historic Palestine.
The Virtual World

Sample of work from Vellum Gallery Exhibit (projected across the space)

Images from the reconstruction process