Wolf Game
Documentary Film (Direction & Production.)
Independent Production.
2021 ~


We enter a rural universe in which marginalized youth abandon their urban life to become shepherds. They are called the “Hilltop Youth” and their aim is to take over biblical lands in the West Bank and deny grazing access to the Bedouins who have lived off the land for generations.

Halfway across the world, young engineers leave their corporate jobs to build agricultural empires in the metaverse through a ‘play-to-earn’ crypto game called Wolf Game. Although they exist worlds apart, these universes are surprisingly interconnected.

In collaboration with Liebe Blekh.

Labs / Festivals

INTERSECCIÓN Film Festival 1 to 1, 2023.
Conecta Lab, 2024.


Area C of the West Bank / Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Masafer Yatta & Deir Jarir.